#90 – Founders’ Day

Wooohooo~ Hitting 100 posts soon. Okay, but that’s not important. 


Yesterday was 1st of March, and other than it being Justin Bieber’s birthday (duh.) and one of my friends’ (HK!!!! Happy Birthday!) too, it was also AC’s birthday. I scrolled through Facebook and found myself reading other people’s experience at AC. So I decided to share mine too! 

ACJC wasn’t my first choice at all. I originally wanted to get in HC but the gap was just too far and I didn’t want to go AJC. Not that AJC is not good, just that going there will make my life very complicated. VERY COMPLICATED. But that is a story for another time. So to cut the long story short, I ended up in ACJC.

ACJC gave me a bitter-sweet experience. I wasn’t totally happy with her, but neither was I particularly upset with her. She gave me failures, but she gave me friends. She gave me hardships, but she also gave me achievements.

I learnt a lot in ACJC, learning how to get along with the rich, the smart and the elites. I didn’t want to join their crowd (and neither could I), but I had to learn how to work with them.  

At the end of the day, I was still grateful for all the experiences and opportunities given by ACJC. 

To God be the Glory, the Best is Yet to Be. 


#89 – 100 Days of Happiness

Day 3: Thankful for the one day rest from tuition and being able to stay at home and slack. Reason? I am sick with flu. It seems like telepathy with my tuition kid because I was fine in the early half of the day. I even got the tuition timing wrong and went to her house at 3 and realising tuition was supposed to be at 4.30pm. Till then, I was still perfectly fine, still complaining about the weather because it was bloody hot. Then her mother texted me half an hour later saying tuition was pushed to 7.30pm because she wasn’t feeling well. I started to get flu. >< I used to get sick really often during my JC days because of the late nights but I hadn’t been sick in university other than the fever I had for two days. The flu was sudden and strong and my headache is starting to come back. RAWR. Feeling slightly better now after the medicine. Then, the mother texted me to tell me tuition would be cancelled. WOOHOO~ I needed that break since I’ve been seeing my tuition kid almost everyday for the entire week. 

Don’t worry Celine, I still love teaching you. See you tomorrow!

#87 – Parents

Parents need to know this: you don’t have to buy something expensive for your kids at all. And if you do buy them, STOP MAKING US GUILTY BY TALKING ABOUT IT AGAIN AND AGAIN. It’s super pissing and annoying. I did not put a knife at your neck and threaten to kill you if you don’t buy it. So stop saying stuff like you being heart-broken for buying a running shoe causing $99. If you can’t afford, tell me. I will earn it myself. If you decline the offer, then stop complain. I really don’t want to hear it anymore. 

#86 – 100 Days of Happiness

It seems to be a trend to talk about the things they are happy for for a 100 days. Well, it is going to be hard for me since I admit that I am not a very optimistic person but oh well, I guess I am bored and I needed something to keep me occupied. School work is not exactly very interesting per say. And I am pretty sick nowadays. I have gastric and it acts up pretty frequently nowadays. ><

Day 1: Thankful for having to enjoy a very nice mushroom bun bought on my way home from my tutee’s house. It is really good, although the ham and cheese was so-so only. 

#85 – Daily Prompt

I am feeling like shit now. So I decided to turn to writing to find some comfort.

Daily Prompt: Tainted Love

Ever been dumped by a boyfriend or girlfriend? Was it a total surprise, or something you saw coming? Tell us your best worst breakup story. Never been the dumpee, always the dumper? Relate the story of a friend who got unceremoniously kicked to the curb. Change the names to protect the innocent if you must.”

Dumped isn’t the word to use for my first love. Neither was I dumped or did I dump somebody. I would love to say that it was an amicable breakup but it was not.

Readers of this blog would know that I am currently attached now, for going to a year soon. But it is actually my second relationship. My first was when I was 15, still a Secondary Three school student (Ninth Grade? Correct me if I am wrong. I am not really sure with the education system for the rest of the world.) My first love, J,  and I have known each other’s existence for around 2 years – we took the same bus to school everyday. I was in a girls’ school and he was in a boys’ school nearby. The time taken to reach school was around 45 mins. So, if I was not sleeping on the bus, I would be looking at the scenery outside the window or studying, I would be observing my fellow communters. They will look familiar to you, especially so as I took the only bus that reach that particular area at three timings, at 5-10 mins interval. It is pretty hard not to notice faces, especially during those preteen years.

One sudden day, (actually it’s on the 27th of Feb, 2009), I received a message from an unknown number, The message said, ‘Hi. How are you?’

Goodness gracious. I surely was surprised, especially when the second message came and it went “Do you know who I am?”

Hell no. I have never seen this number before and therefore, WILL NOT KNOW WHO THE HELL YOU ARE! I was texting this particular friend of mine at that point in time and I remembered telling him that I have a stalker stalking me and asking me whether I know him/her. I really wanted to call the police there and then but my friend was asking me ignore the message.

Then the third message came. “Do you remember the ** school guy who board the 107 (it’s just 3 random numbers) bus at the M stop?”

Pause. Pause. Pause. Pause. Pause. Pause. Pause.

Oh. Yea, there are two guys who always board the bus from that particular school. But I have no idea which one is talking to me. And he went on for the next few hours, trying to persuade me that he is not a stalker.

From there, I started to know more about him. The stalker who freak me out. The guy who told me it was his birthday the day before. The guy who asked why no one asked me out. The guy who made me blush when he teased me. The guy who first told me that he likes me. The guy who waited for me for four hours just to meet me.  The guy who accompanied me on my bus-rides for four years.

Being the innocent and naive (or is it clueless and stupid?) girl that I was then, I had absolutely low confidence level and I don’t believe that anyone would like him. But he gave me the confidence. He first taught me how to love someone. He might have been an asshole to everyone else in the world, but I thought he really treated me well. I thought we could brave everything together.

But I have never been more wrong.

Three months later, we drifted apart. Somehow. Maybe it was because I didn’t to get more intimate. It was over the boundary. Maybe he was just sick of me. But things started to hit rock bottom. It was just then I realised that one of my arch-enemy gave him my number and they were talking about our relationship. Rumours started spreading and he thought it was my fault. To make things worst, he started asking for number of my juniors and my friends that he fancied. He seems like a douchebag then. But I just couldn’t forget about him. For 4 years and counting, I had a hole in my heart. A wound that refused to heal (Quoting Poppy Moore from Wild Child).

Now that 5 years had passed, I want to thank him for teaching how to love, how to survive a heart break, how to forget and accept someone new, helping me to see who are my true friends and who are not. He became my motivation to studying, in order to defeat him in the National exams. I can proudly say that I managed to do it. He pushed me to my limits. That relationship helped me grow both as a person and as a woman.

Given that it is the time of the year again, I will always think of him. Although we are not longer in contact even though we will hear news of each other from our mutual friends (he is serving the nation now and preparing to enter law school after he is out of army), I can’t deny those fond memories from pouring into my brain. Indeed, those bad memories are really pretty bad, but it is with the bad memories that the good memories seems better.

Failed relationships always hurt, but take them as important lessons and rites of life. You will survive. Maybe, you can find a different you.



Currently, my CCA is having the “watching” fever. Be it watching anime, dramas, cartoons, comedy. Someone is always watching something. Including myself. I am now watching “Cardcaptor Sakura”!

Yes, I know it is lame and everything but that is like my childhood! I am sure everyone has something they want to be when they grow up, and I want to be Sakura. And I want to skate to school, even though I have never stayed near my school before but yea!

Only at episode 5. Still have 91 episodes to go.

Oh, and two days ago was Valentine’s Day. And my darling sent me a really sweet text. Though we couldn’t meet on V-Day due to commitments, it is sure nice to hear from him. My heart really melted. AHHHH. Saranghae, namjachingu~~ ❤

Hope to see you soon!

#82 – Studying at home

Today is the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year and I am already starting my revision for LSM1102. Having 4 core modules and a level 2000 GEM module is really no joke. People considering to take bridging for Life Science in NUS, please think twice. Not that I am starting to regret my choice but it is really really (x infinity) tough. I have got 16 hours of labs (thank goodness. when 1102 ends then 1104 starts. If not I would have been flooded with lab reports.) and a lot of readings and tutorials to do. For those modules with no webcast, I am just watching youtube videos to digest information in bite-size.
Here are some of my recommendations and personal favourites;

1. Bonnie Bassler: The Secret, Social Life of Bacteria
In my opinion, Bassler’s speech is really good and I could fully understand what she was trying to say. I must say Ted talks videos are not too bad at times, especially when explain these kind of complicated concepts which can be very brain-wrecking at times. Listen to WJL’s lecture is mind-boggling and I could not stand it after 20 minutes. Although it is not in syllabus and not tested, I think it is useful in understanding similar concepts.

2. Microbiology – Structure (Bacteria)
I was not paying attention to my Gen Bio lecturer when he was going through this. Yes, the lecturer is interesting but it doesn’t mean he has caught my attention when I am just confused and lost. I just continued being lost. Sort of? But this video has helped me bridged my gap, and I wanted to show off a picture that I drew a long time ago. (I’ll find it first. It is lost somewhere in my folders of photos.)

That’s the two videos I am recommending for now. Till I find more.



#81 – Starting of School

My winter vacation is going to be over soon and I am going to start school on Monday (13.01.14), which bores me actually. Yes, I love my friends at school but no, studying does not really interest me even though I do have to start putting in effort in my studies. I am taking LSM 1101, LSM 1102, LSM 1103 and LSM 1104 this semester. They are core modules so I hope that it would not be as bad as the first semester. I am wondering whether I should take GEM 2006: Logic or SSB2217: Singapore Taxation, but the bid points are all so high! I hope I will be able to do them next semester. I want to take at least one business-related module when I am studying in NUS. I guess it is to understand my mum’s work better and be able to understand her better. Taxation or Finance Accounting module? I am still puzzled. But the bid points are so high! I want to take GEM1542: Evidence in Forensic Science and PR1301 (Chinese Medicine) module next semester too! Why are all the good modules only offered in semester 1??? >< I am so exasperated now! My poor general account! *sniff*

Will go back to the CORS helpdesk now. Hope to hear from the Faculty of Science student body soon. Please remember to place your bids for Round 2A! (Ends tomorrow 09.01.14)