I looked at my blog posts in the past and I felt a little foolish. I guess that was why there is a saying that goes, “We are a little smarter than who we were yesterday.”  Or at least, I was.  I managed to finish an arduous task that my colleagues have deemed it to […]


I wonder why the company just does not like to switch on the air-con when so many people are sharing the air-con. The office is so hot now. And I can totally hear the big boss scolding the bosses from where I sit. Glass are poor sound insulator. So remember never to use glass doors […]

Foodie Day!

Yup, as the title above suggest. It’s all about food today. Okay, to be exact. It’s about food at work today. Work being work, torturous and everything, I have to acknowledge that my workplace gives good snacks. I had green bean soup cooked by one of my colleagues today. (This happens very often when most […]

Working in the evening

It’s near five, the holy hour before the jailhouse timing ends for the day. I feel so sleepy and distracted. Work has never been so horrid and dry before. I really want to sleep. O, God of Sleep, Hypnos, please bless me with the abilities to sleep anywhere without being noticed (a.k.a sleeping with eyes […]

Work Update(s)

There is an interviewee for the design department today. Looking quite cute. I do hope he gets selected because our company desperately need guys to help and save the guy(s) to girls ratio. He looks really young. (I bet he is older than me. Everyone else always is.) I haven’t got a chance to take […]

Fruity time

It’s lunch time now and I’ve just went out to buy my lunch at the canteen next door. It’s quite nice. I love the malay rice and the 煮炒 stall. The chinese mixed rice is not so good (It’s cheap, but not that much of a choice for food selection.) so I only eat it […]

Live from work

I am like reporting live from work. I work in a local ladies’ boutique. As an accounts admin assistant. I don’t exactly love my job per se, but it feeds my stomach and my wish list, so I have to live with it. It is part time anyway, till I get into university. But it […]