It’s just an update on what I have mentioned in my previous post. After a very long debate with my NUS seniors (about 6 years older ??), it has been realised that although the UAS may not have been an official thing, but it might have been used to filter students. A senior of mine shared with me that he has been called for an interview with regards to his major of choice.

For those juniors planning to get in NUS Faculty of Science, you will only choose your major after you have matriculated into NUS and you must declare your major by the first CORS Bidding Exercise. There will be a guide on that very soon when the time comes. However, for FASS peeps, you can declare it within your first year of studies. So yup.

Any more questions or advise required, do feel free to drop me an email at shattering.love@gmail.com. Please mark the email as important. It seems like my inbox is flooded with unimportant messages.  


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