#90 – Founders’ Day

Wooohooo~ Hitting 100 posts soon. Okay, but that’s not important. 


Yesterday was 1st of March, and other than it being Justin Bieber’s birthday (duh.) and one of my friends’ (HK!!!! Happy Birthday!) too, it was also AC’s birthday. I scrolled through Facebook and found myself reading other people’s experience at AC. So I decided to share mine too! 

ACJC wasn’t my first choice at all. I originally wanted to get in HC but the gap was just too far and I didn’t want to go AJC. Not that AJC is not good, just that going there will make my life very complicated. VERY COMPLICATED. But that is a story for another time. So to cut the long story short, I ended up in ACJC.

ACJC gave me a bitter-sweet experience. I wasn’t totally happy with her, but neither was I particularly upset with her. She gave me failures, but she gave me friends. She gave me hardships, but she also gave me achievements.

I learnt a lot in ACJC, learning how to get along with the rich, the smart and the elites. I didn’t want to join their crowd (and neither could I), but I had to learn how to work with them.  

At the end of the day, I was still grateful for all the experiences and opportunities given by ACJC. 

To God be the Glory, the Best is Yet to Be. 


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