YOOOOYOOO! NUS will be having her Open Day 2014 this coming Friday (15 March 2014) at University Town. There will be academic booths and co-curricular activity booths everywhere so do take the time to come down and see see look look. I would be there too to help out at my CCA booth. 😀  See […]


I told myself not to cry. But I did. Today. Not because I broke up with my ex-bf. No. But because of my mum. I dedicate this post to her.  I wanna say, I may be a bitch to my brothers at times. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be a nice sister. But the […]


It’s been a year plus since I got attached. I told myself when I just got into this relationship that I would not mistreat myself in order to curry favour from my partner. I told myself that I will always leave a spot in my heart for myself, so that I would not get hurt […]


It’s just an update on what I have mentioned in my previous post. After a very long debate with my NUS seniors (about 6 years older ??), it has been realised that although the UAS may not have been an official thing, but it might have been used to filter students. A senior of mine […]


Okay, I realised a lot of people need help in applying for local university. I’ve received emails (surprise surprise. I wasn’t expecting any at all but I appreciate and welcome them with open arms. Really.) on what are the chances of getting in and blah blah blah. (You know the common questions. Really. So I […]

#91 – Result Release

Time has passed so fast. One year ago, I was the one sitting anxiously in my school hall, waiting for the release of my result.  And now, one year has passed.  From the perspective of someone who has been through such terrors, many might be looking for answers online, trying to determine what are the […]

#90 – Founders’ Day

Wooohooo~ Hitting 100 posts soon. Okay, but that’s not important.    Yesterday was 1st of March, and other than it being Justin Bieber’s birthday (duh.) and one of my friends’ (HK!!!! Happy Birthday!) too, it was also AC’s birthday. I scrolled through Facebook and found myself reading other people’s experience at AC. So I decided […]