#89 – 100 Days of Happiness

Day 3: Thankful for the one day rest from tuition and being able to stay at home and slack. Reason? I am sick with flu. It seems like telepathy with my tuition kid because I was fine in the early half of the day. I even got the tuition timing wrong and went to her house at 3 and realising tuition was supposed to be at 4.30pm. Till then, I was still perfectly fine, still complaining about the weather because it was bloody hot. Then her mother texted me half an hour later saying tuition was pushed to 7.30pm because she wasn’t feeling well. I started to get flu. >< I used to get sick really often during my JC days because of the late nights but I hadn’t been sick in university other than the fever I had for two days. The flu was sudden and strong and my headache is starting to come back. RAWR. Feeling slightly better now after the medicine. Then, the mother texted me to tell me tuition would be cancelled. WOOHOO~ I needed that break since I’ve been seeing my tuition kid almost everyday for the entire week. 

Don’t worry Celine, I still love teaching you. See you tomorrow!


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