#82 – Studying at home

Today is the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year and I am already starting my revision for LSM1102. Having 4 core modules and a level 2000 GEM module is really no joke. People considering to take bridging for Life Science in NUS, please think twice. Not that I am starting to regret my choice but it is really really (x infinity) tough. I have got 16 hours of labs (thank goodness. when 1102 ends then 1104 starts. If not I would have been flooded with lab reports.) and a lot of readings and tutorials to do. For those modules with no webcast, I am just watching youtube videos to digest information in bite-size.
Here are some of my recommendations and personal favourites;

1. Bonnie Bassler: The Secret, Social Life of Bacteria
In my opinion, Bassler’s speech is really good and I could fully understand what she was trying to say. I must say Ted talks videos are not too bad at times, especially when explain these kind of complicated concepts which can be very brain-wrecking at times. Listen to WJL’s lecture is mind-boggling and I could not stand it after 20 minutes. Although it is not in syllabus and not tested, I think it is useful in understanding similar concepts.

2. Microbiology – Structure (Bacteria)
I was not paying attention to my Gen Bio lecturer when he was going through this. Yes, the lecturer is interesting but it doesn’t mean he has caught my attention when I am just confused and lost. I just continued being lost. Sort of? But this video has helped me bridged my gap, and I wanted to show off a picture that I drew a long time ago. (I’ll find it first. It is lost somewhere in my folders of photos.)

That’s the two videos I am recommending for now. Till I find more.




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