#81 – Starting of School

My winter vacation is going to be over soon and I am going to start school on Monday (13.01.14), which bores me actually. Yes, I love my friends at school but no, studying does not really interest me even though I do have to start putting in effort in my studies. I am taking LSM 1101, LSM 1102, LSM 1103 and LSM 1104 this semester. They are core modules so I hope that it would not be as bad as the first semester. I am wondering whether I should take GEM 2006: Logic or SSB2217: Singapore Taxation, but the bid points are all so high! I hope I will be able to do them next semester. I want to take at least one business-related module when I am studying in NUS. I guess it is to understand my mum’s work better and be able to understand her better. Taxation or Finance Accounting module? I am still puzzled. But the bid points are so high! I want to take GEM1542: Evidence in Forensic Science and PR1301 (Chinese Medicine) module next semester too! Why are all the good modules only offered in semester 1??? >< I am so exasperated now! My poor general account! *sniff*

Will go back to the CORS helpdesk now. Hope to hear from the Faculty of Science student body soon. Please remember to place your bids for Round 2A! (Ends tomorrow 09.01.14)


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