#75 – Post before bed

Just another post before I head for my bed. (I have been lacking a lot of sleep lately.)

The exam season is looming and I have had quite a lot of things on hand. For starters, I’ve got a presentation tomorrow, and 2 on Friday. There is also one paper due on Friday, on top of a reflection letter 150-words long. And I’ve got to start studying since my first paper would be next Friday. It is quite unsettling knowing that fact only at 1.50AM. But that will have to wait till tmr after I get my paper done. Working on the Qing Dynasty’s naming of the posthumous name for Emperors and Empresses. Interesting topic but it is a lot of work since I’ve got to do research and find proper references. Baidu is just like Wikipedia – it won’t do. And since the paper is supposed to be written in English, the translation is causing quite a lot of problems. And the root of all these problems is because I couldn’t settle on the topic to write about. Which is really annoying. 

Okay, I should stop ranting and get back to write. I’ve only got less than 20% of it written. 80% more to go.



(P.s: It is pretty assuring to know that I’ve got full marks for my Evolution CA. So what it’s out of 5 only? it’s 5%. It’s a lot.)


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