#74 – Boiling Frog

Watching this video at 1.39 am in the morning. And it gave me some thoughts. Initially, the frog was placed near a boiling hot water, and it was trying to get away from it.

However, in the second experiment, the frog was placed in normal temperature water and heat was being applied to heat. And the temperature of the water continues to increase till boiling hot.

NO FROGS WERE HURT IN THE MAKING OF THE VIDEO. At least that was what it’s stated. And the frog is pretty cute.

Anyway, I started to think about how the frog is like us, in our daily life. When we meet trouble head on, we will try to escape. But it’s those that loom over us that we often neglect, and fall into those traps.

It got me thinking: to pay more attention to my surroundings and the happenings around me. And to be more sensitive and be on-my-toes at all times.

Stay calm. Be vigilant. This will be my motto to survive this exam season.



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