#71 – School Life

Oh well. School life have been treating me okay thus far. Not very good but not too bad either…


LSM 1301- I didn’t do really well for all my lab practicals, perhaps with the exception for practical 3. But I’ve got good lab mates that helped me a lot during our online discussions on whatsapp. And here is a hint: take photos during lab sessions! Even if you messed up. If you have taken photos during lab session, the questions tend to be easier since you have got references to refer to. I usually do my questions on the weekend since my lab session is on Thursday. So yup! It helps since the photos can refresh your memories. 

CM1401 – I didn’t even bother to attend the lectures by Professor Lai Yee Hing. No offence to the Chemistry Majors but I really don’t understand his lectures so I’d rather self-study on my own. I don’t really know what is the techniques behind studying Chem but it does help if you know some Chemistry Major students, especially those super smart seniors super good in teaching too! I’ve known couple of them and they really helped me a lot in understand CM, for example, understanding NMR. 


LAJ1201 – I think consistent work is required since there are quizzes and listening and  what not every week. And it helps that you take initiatives in doing group work. Because it just helps. 

GEM1031 – I am just going to study and read through and see what can I get. 


My year 1 is pretty screwed up. Oh wells. 



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