Currently, still in school. And I’m getting quite a lot of shocks for this week.

Firstly, my bf (he is 23 this year and he is older than me by 3 years and he is currently working.) decided to drop me hints about marrying me. Previously, he already asked at what age do I want to get married and how many kids do I want to have. Now, he is telling me about being afraid that my mum doesn’t like him. It was rather sudden as my parents actually don’t know that I am attached and he knows about that too. But he spoke with my mum on the phone before when I went missing. Apparently, I was beside him when he was on the phone with my mum. So i asked him. This was how our conversation went:

Him: “But I’m pretty sure your mum dislikes me”

. (Not related content…. )
Me: ” I’m sure my mum wouldn’t if I get to talk to her nicely. 🙂 ”
Him: “Hopefully.”
. (Not related content…. )
Me: “Anyway, why are you suddenly so worried about how my mum thinks of you?”
Him: “It’s gonna be an issue sooner or later.”
Him: “When it’s (time to) meet the in laws.”

Hello! He actually used the word “IN-LAWS”….. Is he trying to hint that he wants to get married with me? But I mean, I’m only 19 and we are only together for 6 months. What makes him think that I’m the one for him? I mean, I know I do have special feelings for him but does he feel the same thing for me? I get rather insecure thinking about such stuff. Practically, he is driving me crazy. And he says that he is going to wait for me till I finish my university studies, which is going to be 4 years later.



Okay, technically it’s the only news but it’s shocking enough!




Shoot your questions~

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