I’m back again, hopefully. Today is NUS’ E-Learning Week, which is kind of stressful and boring at the same time. It’s like you have to understand topics on your own even though help are given to you in the forms of webcast lectures and multimedia videos for you understand the topics. But a lot of self-discipline is required. Like how I only managed to do one quiz today and I actually only scored 2/7. I think you get what I mean. But I really like this new freedom.

I didn’t tell my mum that I’m actually having E-Learning this week because it clashes with my brothers’ school holidays and staying at home with the both of them is actually a torture. I have to endure their laziness and their nuisances and their rubbish, which I am absolutely in no way deemed to have the need to do that. They are already in secondary school (high school). Why do they still need their sister to clean up after their mess? This is absolutely ridiculous. On top of that, I don’t really like staying at home because it gives me a lot of pressure. Pressure to clean up the house and clean up after my brothers’ filthy mess before my mum comes home. This home doesn’t only belong to me and there ought to be gender equality in the society today. SO, GUYS, NO EXCUSES IN NOT DOING HOUSEWORK, SINCE YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE BRINGING BREAD HOME! Don’t tell me bullshit such that guys suck at housework and what-so-ever. My boyfriend does the housework at his house and I must say he is pretty good at it. ❤

Well, this ends of today’s post. Stay tune for more of my life, in school and in private ^^



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