#66 – Coming Back

It has been ages since I’ve last posted, and it is mainly because university has just started for around a month and school work has been quite taxing. On top of that, I have had got to cope with training, preparation of selection trials and also my second CCA in NUS. The workload has been heavy but I am rather happy with the modules that I am taking this semester. I am taking LSM1301, CM1401, LAJ1201, ES1541 and GEM1031. I like LAJ1201 the best even though it requires a lot of preparation work. On top of the school-related activities, I am working on and off and also I’m dating someone now. I’m rather happy with my boyfriend now even though I don’t really spend a lot of time with him. He is caring and doting and I’m pretty lucky to have met him.

Recently, I attended my second CCA’s Sub-AGM and was nominated in the open nominations for quite a few projects. It was rather blissful to know that I am actually being recognised for my capabilities. It has also given me the confidence to actually think of running for exco next year. Just an idea, for next year. 😀

Lastly, I am hoping to be able to be writing more frequently and share my NUS experience with the rest. ^^



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