Currently, still in school. And I’m getting quite a lot of shocks for this week. Firstly, my bf (he is 23 this year and he is older than me by 3 years and he is currently working.) decided to drop me hints about marrying me. Previously, he already asked at what age do I want […]


I’m back again, hopefully. Today is NUS’ E-Learning Week, which is kind of stressful and boring at the same time. It’s like you have to understand topics on your own even though help are given to you in the forms of webcast lectures and multimedia videos for you understand the topics. But a lot of […]

#67 – Release

I’m troubled recently. From my previous post, it’s known that I am actually attached. But I don’t know whether I can trust him. I know him through online and we have been together for 6 months. The past 6 months have been sweet and he really cares about me and dotes on me but somehow, […]

#66 – Coming Back

It has been ages since I’ve last posted, and it is mainly because university has just started for around a month and school work has been quite taxing. On top of that, I have had got to cope with training, preparation of selection trials and also my second CCA in NUS. The workload has been […]