#62 – Plans for the future

In slightly less than two month’s time, I will be starting university, although I still have no idea as to which university I will be enrolling yet. Hopefully I will get a better idea as to which university I want to enroll after I go for the Faculty Open House this saturday.

It is the beginning of the end, like my JC year head likes to say. The end of the road of studying. After graduating from university, I will no longer enjoy the benefits of being a student. Holidays, vacations, examinations, student prices. I will really miss all these.

Being a university student means that I will get more freedom too! And what I really want to do is to go on an overseas trip unsupervised.

I am already planning to go on a trip to Taiwan myself latest by next year. Firstly, I am going to save up like crazy and hopefully my parents will sponsor a teeny weeny bit of my trip. Secondly, I am already planning my itinerary and which part of Taiwan I do want to go. I was doing some research 0n the hotels in Ximending as part of my job scope at work couple of days ago and I was awed at the prices of the hotels. It is actually quite affordable and I was so impressed.

I’m loving what I am planning as of now, and hopefully I might get one or two traveling buddies with me. Or maybe a backpacking trip on my own doesn’t sound that bad. 🙂


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