#57 – I learnt to listen that day

“When God gave out Brains. I thought he said trains, so I missed mine.

When God gave out Looks. I thought he said books, so I didn’t want any.

When God gave out Noses. I thought he said roses, so I ordered a big red one.

When God gave out Chins. I thought he said gins, so I ordered a double.

When God gave out Legs. I thought he said kegs, so I ordered 2 fat ones.

When God gave out Heads. I thought he said beds, so I asked for a big soft one.”


I heard this poem during a devotion shared by my Level Head back when I was still a JC kid. I could still remember this poem till this day and I suddenly had the urge to share it with everyone. Have a good day people. 


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