#56 – My aim for university

Given that I was really lucky to be able to enroll into a local university and a course that I simply adore, I think I should have a brand new attitude towards my studies since university might be the really last time that I get to study (well, unless I continue with Masters and PhD but that is plans for the far far far future.) 

Studying is a chore to me. I don’t really fancy studying. Reading materials that used to be very interesting now becomes very dry and boring since I am ‘studying’ it. To put it simply, I have to make sure I have zero doubts in a topic that I don’t understand. And that is the reason why I take forever to finish one topic. Especially I have zero foundation on biology. (Whatever I have learnt in secondary 2 were all returned to my teachers.)

For university, I won’t have the financial abilities to stay in a hall/residence, thus I have to make sure my time on the train is well-spent by reading lecture notes and revising work. But not staying in hall means that I will need to spend lesser time in CCA. Since my only CCA will be in the Sports Team – Shooting. Seems well-planned, for now. 

I will also have to dedicate time for giving tuition – so that I will have sufficient allowances to buy books and materials and living expenses when I am in university. I have to be self-sufficient and independent since my allowance was cut. 

I aim to have a GPA of 4 and above so that by year 2, I can have a scholarship and perhaps live off the scholarship money and not work anymore. And I have a shot into enrolling for the concurrent double degree programme in BMS and Analytic Toxicology/Forensic Science with King’s College London. 

In the sporting arena, I hope to be able to win a couple of medal to redeem the regrets and pains that I had during Junior College years where I was unable to win a single individual event. I will train harder and make sure I attain my goal. Or at least I will die trying.

Lastly, I hope to have a few close friends in university and perhaps have a relationship (long-lasting) with someone special.

With this, I close my reflections and goal for 2013.


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