#54 – A day out

I was out with my best friend at Orchard Central. (It’s a shopping mall in Singapore.) yesterday. We were just having lunch at the Maccha House and talking about university and how life was going to be like then. All of a sudden, the spotlight was on my love life (A very screwed one too.)

No, I am not that kind of women or teenager who go around flirting with guys. I have two brothers at home and I practically treat all the guys the same way I treat my brothers (with less violence and less sarcasm.) and apparently they find it interesting and I have practically no idea why.

I have a close guy friend whom I can go over his house during the weekends and just watch movie on his laptop while we cuddle on his bed. And another close friend whom I share my woes at work and school with. But that is about it. Nothing else. So I don’t know why she seems so interested in my love life. 

A gathering which was supposed to be an outing became a session of analysis the Freshmen guide book and reading of my Forensic notes and understanding Biology. We had good food (the Salmon bowl at the Maccha House is not too bad. The Matcha Latte was not too bad either, even though I kind of wish that I tried something else. Like their desserts.) but the session of Biology is brain-frying. (I still can’t understand what mitochondria and ATP means. I wonder how am I going to survive through my university modules.) 

Oh wells, I will take it one step at a time. ^^ 

(P.s: For those who are curious, lovebites, aka hickeys, are a form of bruises. Did you know that? Well, I didn’t. ^^)

Have an enjoyable week! 


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