#52 – Waiting Anxiety

Quietly awaiting for the acceptance letter. 
From either one.

If you have seen the photo prior to this post, you will know that I have finally begun writing about the topics on my writing inspiration list. And the target date would have to be pushed back to May. 

Yes, the time has come for those who are anxiously waiting for the long-awaited letter to know the outcome, including myself. I have already prepared myself to go back to hitting the books. 


I have received my offer for the Faculty of Science from the National University of Singapore (NUS)! It is like a long-awaited dream come true. I have been waiting for this moment ever since I was 15. (It has been a long 4 years. A really long one indeed.)

I would like to thank this special friend of mine. He is currently serving National Service and he will be out in September this year. He has been avoiding me recently, lying to me that he had to fly to Taiwan when he is in Singapore. But in any case, I would like to thank you for staying by my side for the long and arduous month of March where I had to spend my time buried in pamphlets, prospectuses and universities guides. Thank you for hearing all my complains, whining, grumbling and every random speeches. I am so sorry for being such an ass to you. I hope you’ll still be my friend even though I can’t fulfill my promise to you now. I really hope that I get to see you in real life one day~

To everyone who had their hopes dashed:

Never give up. I also had my hopes dashed a lot in the past. Not doing well enough at ‘O’-Levels and thus not getting in HC was a big setback for me. I got in AC and I still did well enough to do what I want. So, aim where you want and DON’T BE UNREALISTIC. 

And The Best Is Always Yet To Be. 


Shoot your questions~

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