#48 – Shooting

Not feeling exceptionally philosophical today. 

My brain is all fuzzy-muddled up since I am down with flu and my throat is a little scratchy. I sound hideous. On top of that, HE is flying to Taiwan for training and he went back to ignoring me. For 2 weeks. 

My juniors from my Junior College went for THE ultimate event for Shooting – the 17th National Inter-schoool A Divsion Shooting Championship. And they did fairly well. I am very proud of them. Really hoping to see them very soon. 

I’ve recently made a new friend online. (It seems that I love telling about my new friends. Can’t help it. They are pretty interesting.) He is a year older and he is currently serving NS. (It is conscription in Singapore. Just that the government gave it a glamourous name – National Service. Doing a service for the Nation…. ). It was interesting knowing him because we shared the same interest.



In my earlier post about university admission, I mentioned that I used Shooting, which was my Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) in JC. I am an Air-Pistoler. (No, there isn’t such a word in the English dictionaries found in the market. But it is in my dictionary.) The short gun appeal to me more than the long, big and heavy gun (Sorry to the Riflers. But I can shoot the air rifle too. No disrespect here.).

And it appears that my new friend is shooting because of a girl that he met. 

And I know that girl.

What a small world. 

And an awkward one too. 


(P.s: I’m just going to end here. Don’t feel like continuing. Get over the fact.)





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