#47 – Escapism

I don’t have an escape plan.

Nothing at all.

But I have something that I really want to escape from.

Elders. Especially from the family.

Ever since I was born, I was taught that my elders were not worth my respect. Because they ain’t what they are supposed to be like. They are wicked, they are crafty and they are meanies. And it’s just plain bad luck to share the same genes. Thus, I don’t have a good feeling about having elders. 长辈. Seniority. Just because you are the one in-charge doesn’t give you all the power in the world.

And definitely not over me.

I had a briefing at work today. It was more like a lecture. On how I should respect my bosses (the owners of the company) like my elders and not like people who give salary and be fearful of them. Be a family, but they are seniors.

Bullshit. It’s a whole load of crap.

Bosses mean bosses. Superiors mean superiors. They can never be family. It’s no one’s responsibility to love another person unconditionally. Not even family. So why should your boss or superior be your elder? And it’s the elders that I hate.

So what if you have had a bad experience? I didn’t experience it. You can share with me but don’t enforce on me. I hate it.

I am who I define myself to be.

And you’re nothing.


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