#45 – Special Reflections

I saw this piece of news on the newspaper. It was regarding 6 employees complaining to the Ministry of Manpower with regards to their employer.

It may seem to be old news, but what was interesting is that the employer made them agree to 18 weird rules upon signing their employment contracts.

These are the 18 rules (with english translation accompanied. Done by yours truly.):

There is a fine of $10 for being late the first 5 minutes, $20 for the next 5 minutes. $50 will be fined for being late more than 10 minutes.

There is a fine of $10 for using the company phone to make personal call for more than 2 minutes, $20 for more than 3 minutes, $30 for more than 4 minutes.

There is a fine of $50 for closing the salon door.

There is a fine of $50 for switching on the television for personal entertainment.

Those who rest in the pantry will be fined $50.

Consumption of food and drinks at the cashier counter and within the salon (apart from the pantry) is not allowed. There will be a fine of $50.

Personal usage of company goods is not allowed. Other than paying for the original price of the good, there will be an additional fine of $50.

The television must be switch on at 10am, if not there will be a fine of $10.

There is a fine of $10 if there is no one at the counter.

There will be a fine of $10 for knocking off 5 minutes early, $20 for 10 minutes early, $50 for more than 15 minutes earlier.

The employee will be fined $50 for not answering calls made to the company phone.

For not cleaning the salon, the employee will be fined $50.

The usage of personal keys to lock and unlock the salon door will result in a fine of $50.

There will be a fine of $20 if the uniform is not being worn or the name tag is not being put on.

There will be a fine of $20 for not having a MC (Medical Certificate) after applying for sick leave.

There will be a fine of $10 if the employee has not taken care of the needs of the customers.

There will be a fine of $50 if the employee has not fulfilled the duties as a hairdresser.

There is a fine of $20 for not answering or returning calls from the boss.  
(The currency of the fine is in SingDollar. Please do the conversion yourself. I’ve included the link to the Currency Conversion app by the dearest Changi Airport Group.)

What a FINE salon, I must say.

Usually, when fines are being carried out by an employer, the sum of fine is deducted from the bonus of the employee rather than deducting the salary. But this HORRENDOUS boss deducted his employees’ salary. Imagining being paid only S$1,400 per month (the boss underpaid his employees too. Elaborate at a later part.) and the pay has been deducted till $800 ($600 fine). How can anyone survive on that sum of money in such an expensive city for a month?

On top of that, he LIED to the Ministry of Manpower about the salary of his employees. He applied S Pass (it is like a work permit for foreigner to work in Singapore, but the employee must be earning at least $2,000 if the foreigner is living in Singapore alone and $4,000 if the foreigner wants to bring in the spouse and children to Singapore.) for his workers (married with children), but he only paid them $1,400 monthly.

Being such a cheapskate, the least the boss could do was to pay his workers on time, right?


He didn’t even pay them on time. (I really feel like finding the boss and punch the hell out of him. How can anyone be such an ASSHOLE?!) And the reason why?

Imagine this.

The employees stood in front of the boss’ desk.
“Boss, can we have our pay?” The workers pleaded. There was barely enough to support their families.
The boss digged into his pocket and fished out a ten-thousand dollar bill.
“Sorry, there is not enough change to pay you.”

Yes! That was exactly what the ASSHOLE boss did!

And if it so happens you are reading this, or your wife, your children, your friends or your acquaintances or anyone who know you is reading this, I want you to know that all your employees are feeling like this:

——> Quoting from Taken,

“I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.”

Well said, Byran Mills. Well said.

I totally approve you of doing this.

Just don’t kill him.


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