I was reading a very very (x infinity. okay, it was in 2008.) old blog post by an old acquaintance. (She was my secondary school classmate.) It was actually a MSN conversation between her (let her be J) and another classmate of mine (let her be C). During that period, we were working on a project that was submitted for a competition and it was also part of school curriculum. (Polkadotians, I think everyone knows what I mean. Is Project Work still around for Sec 2s?) 

C was the self-elected group leader of the group. The title was convincing but the rest of the group members (me, J and another classmate L) had zero respect for her. She was selfish, self-centred and liked to push responsibility away. (I used past tense here not because she is dead but I have not seen her for 3 years and I think people change over time, so I will give her the benefit of the doubt. Being young inevitably meant that we were a bit foolish. This gives me an idea to elaborate on what is meant by being young in the post after this. I have a verse I would like to share.) We (the group members), were not on good terms with C during normal curriculum time. So, having to work with her for this major project sounded dreadful. 

This conversation that C and J had was during the midst of the project, where we passed the preliminary rounds and we had to improve on our product (it was about product innovation and improvement) in an upcoming presentation. I couldn’t remember the details really clearly but based on what I have read, I did a PowerPoint while J and L worked on the product itself (there was a lot of sewing and painting to be done.) and it seems that C didn’t do anything. J accused C of stealing me PowerPoint slides and merely editing it while C claimed that my PowerPoint slides were the standard of a Primary 4 kid (It is of a 10 years’ old kid. I was 14 at that time.) and she had to do a PowerPoint from scratch. The argument got a bit haywire because it arose from the question of who had to go and buy acrylic paint at somewhere far away from our house. They were using all my paint for that project and they realised that it wasn’t fair for it that there was budget and I was not paid for my paint. So they decided to go and buy. But J and I spent the entire day trying to source for the basic material for the product already and L was in-charge of sewing the product together. After L was done, J and I had to design the product. Since I did the PowerPoint while L and J were in-charge of the skit, it looked like C had nothing to do, so she should go buy the paint. And the argument ended up with me being insulted most of time. I only realised through the conversation that I had poor oral skills, I lost to C in Chinese and I had horrible english grade (Hello! Even though I did horribly for ‘A’ Level English, I got an A1 for ‘O’ Level English. And I got an A1 for Chinese and A2 for Higher Chinese for ‘O’ Level. Please do not criticise my language abilities even though my posts may be littered with grammatical errors.) I felt weird. At one end, I was grateful to J for recognising my effort to the group, but at the other end, J and C, is there really a need to degrade me? I may not be the smartest but I was hardworking. That was why I did better for my ‘O’ Levels than both of you. 


Looking back, I was thankful that I managed to get away from all that after the entire project ended. 

But I felt sucky after reading it. ><


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