I looked at my blog posts in the past and I felt a little foolish. I guess that was why there is a saying that goes,

“We are a little smarter than who we were yesterday.” 

Or at least, I was. 

I managed to finish an arduous task that my colleagues have deemed it to be impossible. Given that I had to call SingTel (a Singapore service provider) more than 5 times a day. I had to fervently pray that I would not be served by the Customer Care Officer whom served me before. (Despite SingTel’s notorious reputation for its poor network coverage, I must say that their Customer Care Officers provide really good service. The only flaw was that I could only check the details of 5 phone number during one call. That explains the number of calls that I had to make to SingTel.) And I finally got everything done one day ahead of schedule. I felt a sense of satisfaction that I never felt before. I was often being put down by my parents for my inability to finish my task properly. The things that I do are either sloppily done or half done. But I actually manage to finish something today. 

Achievement unlocked.


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