Embarking on a reading journey

I admit that I am born curious. Yes, I would love to know all the secrets in the world, read all the blog posts that everyone writes and spy on everyone in the world. (You know how Sherlock Holmes knows everything just by taking a look? You get my idea.) But I recently chanced upon a blog that gave me second thoughts after reading the first post. I know the writer of this blog personally and he was the one whom I have met online. But reading about his past, it makes me stop. No, it is not that I am afraid to read about what had happened to him, his funny moments, his sad moments. But I am afraid of being affected by his emotions. He is quite a good writer, I must say, and he pours his emotions into his writings. That is what I am afraid of. We are supposed to be ONLY friends. Nothing more. I do not want to involve my feelings into our friendship.

I guess at the end of the day, I am still escaping. 



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