Possible and Impossible

Since the topic of one of the Daily Prompts was on Impossibility, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and join the crowd in the discussion of possible and impossible. Yea, I know the topic is quite some time already, but oh wells. Nothing is too old to be discussed, right?


In my opinion, there is actually a thin line between possible things and impossible things. Things that were deemed to be impossible in the past are now possible now. And I think it is all thanks to something called technology and science. The combination of this two things have created miracles for Mankind. But the miracles that they can perform is only limited to the environment of Man and the genetic make-up of Mankind. They are also hopeless against the mind of Man.

I have read some of the wordpress writers on their opinions of things that are impossible. And indeed, I do agree that world peace and elimination of discrimination of any kind is simply impossible. And it all lies in the mind of Man – the need to create common identity, the need to bond, conform and stay in the IN crowd. 

And the discrimination of any kind do not necessary mean the normal kind of discrimination about race, gender, religion, LBGT, age and so on and so for. It also includes the social stigma and personal judgements that are made by everyone when someone decides to go against the status quo and sort of ‘rebel’ in their own special way. Well, if everyone decides to do the same things, won’t the world be very boring? To add on, it is the judgement of people that everyone has to hide their true self and only to show it behind the safe walls of the virtual world, unknown username and seems-to-be-safe passwords. Not having it will be a utopia. But a utopia is only wanted because of its perfectness. No one is perfect, so a utopia would be considered to be impossible. 

In my nutshell, not all things that are impossible can become possible. At the very least, the human mindset seems to be tougher than graphene. (With graphene and water, it has been researched to be able to melt diamonds, aka the toughest material on Earth) 



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