A Peek in my bag

I can’t think of anything to write about, so I have decided to choose something really random to talk about. Maybe it was inspired by the mints in my bag that I was eating. 


Well, I am not quite tidy for the standard of a girl. I am always being scolded by my mother for being messy. So, my bag will tend to have a lot of things and it gets really messy too. 😛

The things that I must have in my bag at all times are my wallet (which includes my ez-link card, or the card that gets me on the public transport system in Singapore, my ATM card and cash), my house keys, my watch and my bag of rubber bands and hairpins. It’s quite common sense for a girl to have such things inside her bag, isn’t it? 

Inside my bag, there are also air weapon pellets and ear plugs. It is a common thing for me to have because I am an air pistol shooter and also an air weapon instructor. So, I do have to train regularly to make sure I am in shape. Since I am not longer in the school team (I graduated last year and have not applied for a university. Yet.) and I did not sign up for a gun club, so I do not have an assigned gun to myself and I have to loan the guns from the gun club that I am working at. And I have to store all the necessary stuff in my bag at all times in case I decided to go training all of a sudden. ^^

I always have mints in my bag. You might never know when you’ll meet important people and you will always want to look the best and smell the best too. So, always having mint inside one’s bag is a good emergency kit. Furthermore, offering someone sweets is a good way to make new friends too, especially during seminars and conferences! Mints also keep me awake during work too. 🙂

I also always have a pencil case full of markers and a book in my bag. It has become a habit of mind to have pen and paper everywhere I go. And why markers and a very cute book? It is because I love to doodle and write down sentimental thoughts and quotes in a book. Doodling helps me think and I am able to reflect about things that I have done correct and wrong too.

There would be one thing that my mum will always force me to bring – the umbrella. She will tend to say that, “Better to be safe and sorry.” After going through a few horrendous downpours and being attacked by the flu bugs, I have learnt my lessons and the umbrella practically lives in my bag now. 

But the only one thing that I really want in my bag is my pillow. 

I really want to sleep right now. 



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