My day out

I was out the entire day for today. Went to sing KTV all the way at Teo Heng@Kallang. I have been there quite a lot of times but it’s my first time there with this particular secondary school friend of mine. We ended up being late for the first half an hour. So the three hour session became two and a half hours and suddenly becoming a three and a half hours because we decided to continue for an hour after an hour break. I’m so tired that I don’t really think what I’m writing is coherent. But it will have to do.

It was mainly a k-pop session where we sang songs from 2pm, CN Blue, FT Island, G.NA, Big Bang, Taeyang, SISTAR, f(x), F.cuz, Lee Hi, SNSD and of course 2NE1. It’s just some of the artistes that we sang from.

I’m now on my way home with a sore throat and still hooked on K-pop songs.

K-pop FTW~


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