I realised that you have unknowingly been added into my life. We knew online, but we started texting and talking about all sorts of things and everything under the sun. We shared the same views and thoughts on a lot of issues. It surprises me that I could find someone who is so like me. So what you are older than me by five years? Age is just a number.

We became closer, then we drifted apart. The first separation was the hardest. It felt like something has been torn away from me. But I lived with it. I sought refuge from the folks online and I tried hard to forget you. I really did try. I think I didn’t succeed. If I did, I wouldn’t have texted you that night when I got back my lousy results.

We became closer than ever, sharing the most initiate secrets that we held dearly to our hearts. Just when I thought we were inseparable, you disappeared. You only asked me how was I when I was sick. I was revengeful, seething with hatred and fury. And I told you that I died of virus and you were talking to a ghost. For that, I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean it.

You always told me to tell you what I was thinking. That faithful day, I told you everything that I’ve thought about, but you never replied. It was the first time that I felt regretful that I’ve met you. Really. I regretted knowing you. You appeared in front of me and taught me to know my true self, but you just disappeared like that. Did you know how frantic I was? Did you know how lost I was? Did you know I felt so betrayed? You could have told me that you didn’t want to talk to me anymore. Or you needed time to sort out your feelings.

But you didn’t have to disappear.


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