Trip to NUS

Went to NUS today and met a lot of people today! Especially my dear friend who shared the same birthday as me whom I met at Pre-University Seminar (story for another time) two years ago. I’ve longed to meet up with her for quite some time and I’ve finally met her. Ohoho. I saw my classmates too, whom I don’t meet due to my tendency to MIA school and class gatherings.

Okay, aside from the people I have met at NUS, I must say that I love the ambience at NUS. It makes me feel so welcomed and cheerful, like how I felt after graduating from ACJC and SMSS. It makes me feel so happy and delightful!

I went to check out the academic booths (of course) and unknowingly, I was attracted to the music booth (YSTCM) and started listening in to discussions even though I have totally no intention of doing further study in music. It must have been under the influence of SOMEBODY.

I was lucky to have a very understanding yet phantom senior to help me in understanding NUS better by addressing all my queries through messaging even though he was well together in the same campus as me in UTown. I wonder in the rationale behind him doing that. He is still replying to my messages. I shouldn’t complain when I have such a good senior.

I would like to conclude that my trip to NUS was fruitful and I came back with a lot of goodies! 🙂

Yippy! ^^


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