Ramblings on work (II)

It is totally a scary thing to have one of the big bosses sitting within your vision when you are working. It seems like she is totally spying on you when you are working and it is so hard to try to take a break in front of her. I have to have my eyes glued to the computer 24/7 and it is totally a tiring thing. I have the habit of resting my eyes for awhile (aka taking naps during work) when I am working because working in a office is a super tiring thing and my working hours is like 9-6 (one more hour than the usual working hours.) and I DO NOT HAVE LUNCH BREAKS! (aka you work straight away after you eat.) And I do not take super long to eat. It’s just 15 minutes? If I order lunch. If I don’t, I still get a break when I go out and buy lunch. So, break is NOT a BIG thing in this company but I still want my breaks, okay? That’s why I am forever taking small breaks. BECAUSE I DO NOT HAVE MY BIG BREAKS! So my company is a petty company which doesn’t like to let part-timers have benefits and with low pay. Too bad, I can only blame it on myself due to the lack of working experience. I’m going to get a much better job than this next time. Perhaps I should not have turn down the job offer by the clinic in Tanjong Pagar. It is a little far and 5.5 days a week but it’s $6.5 per hour and it has a much better working environment and it is more related to what I am supposedly going to study in university than this. I am not even going to work in the fashion industry. This job makes my whole NAA/DA thing look so weak. Oh wells, no point arguing about it now. 

I need a break! Yes, even though I already got a week worth of break last week, it isn’t a break because I am sick! So what I need is called a holiday. A long one too. My colleague is going on leave to go to Taiwan and I have not even gone on a holiday except for the one to Genting during the Chinese New Year period. I need a stay-cation in Singapore. Urgently! Such boring lives is sucking all the fun out of me. It’s terrifying. I am going to enroll into another world of boredom (university) without any breaks. How am I going to survive?!

Will somebody please help me? With a pretty sweet sugar rose on it. ^^


Shoot your questions~

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