University Application with poor results

I posted in my first post that I wanted to finish all my university application forms but I never got around elaborating it. Yup, I currently graduated from a Singapore junior college (Anglo-Chinese Junior College to be exact. Stories during college another time.) with mediocre results. I got BBC/CE. With an A for PW and Higher Chinese during secondary school. Please do not ask why I got an E for GP. I actually got an A1 for secondary school english. Let it be a lesson to you to never underestimate the power of GP to ruin your university application. I am really serious. 

Back to the BIG ULTIMATE question of where to apply to. Being the eldest in the family with two younger brothers to fend for, overseas universities without scholarship and private universities are out of the question. With such sucky results, it is either I repeat my A-levels even though I DID NOT FAIL MY A-LEVELS, or I come up with something fast. For me, I just went to read the prospectus under the constant nagging by my parents. I gave up thinking about the University Admission Score (UAS) because it will just make me feel more demoralised and depressed. I thought of my interest, which was in science. What made me felt a little better was that my subject combination made it easier to choose since it was quite an open combination (H2 Physics, H2 Chemistry, H2 Math, H1 Econs) and so that I was open for everything initially. After taking account of results, I was only open for Science and Engineering. (My GP made it impossible to go for NUS FASS and NTU HSS. Okay, NUS FASS said that they didn’t have any subject prerequisite. I don’t believe it.) Okay, word of advice if you  are new to this whole thing. For NUS FASS and FoS (Faculty of Science), you enroll into the Faculty first. Then you only select the major when you matriculate. Specialisation only occur in Year 2 of studying. So, I decided to apply for NUS Science and Engineering and NTU Science and Engineering. Below are like my choices:

(NUS): Faculty of Science, Bioengineering. (At this point, I still haven’t thought of the rest of the choices yet because I have not been to the open house, which is on the 16th of March, 2013. 

(NTU): Biomedical Science and TCM (Double degree program), Biological Science, Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, Bioengineering. (Math and Physics are out for me. I almost died studying Math although I got a B for it. Physics was supposed to be better but I got a C for it. )


I striked SMU and SIM out as SMU didn’t have anything interesting that I wanted to study. My results are not bad enough that I have nowhere to go and I have to land up in SIM. So I should give another person with a better financial status a chance to enroll in university. I was not interested in design and architectural, so I did not consider SUTD. 

Studying university in Singapore is such a hassle. Especially when one has lousy results. Praying hard and waiting for the good enrollment results soon! 


(P.S: if you are really desperate for a place in university, try for Non-Academic Achievement admission for NTU and Discretionary Admission for NUS. Every course has 10 percent of students enrolled through this method. No harm trying as it does not jeopardise your normal application. (Even if you fail the NAA/DA application, you will still be considered for normal application.) It is just that you still have to go for interview, which may not be suitable for everyone. )

Wishing all to pull through this tough stage! Me too!


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