Foodie Day!

Yup, as the title above suggest. It’s all about food today. Okay, to be exact. It’s about food at work today. Work being work, torturous and everything, I have to acknowledge that my workplace gives good snacks. I had green bean soup cooked by one of my colleagues today. (This happens very often when most of your colleagues are female. You get quite a lot of cooked stuff.) I have to say that it is quite good and it (green bean soup) might even surpassed my mum’s standard. I can’t say I don’t love my mum’s green bean but I love my workplace’s green bean soup even more! I finally understand why females put on 3kg of weight every year due to snacking during work and for males, it’s even more than that. (Guys, beware of office fats! They do kill looks!) 

I have had pizza today. Sarpino’s pizza. I have read the reviews online and mostly were good for food and deliveries but I heard that they have had horrible reviews for service. There is a manager who even said that “If you don’t like it, you can don’t order from us.” *GASP!* How can anyone say that?! I mean, speaking from experience as a F&B waitress (not only in one restaurant. I’ve worked in Jap and Thai restaurants. Buffets too!), how can anyone, especially managerial-grade, say that? It brings the restaurants such horrible reputations! I guess it’s this kind of people who bring a bad name to the service industry. The service industry is actually a very fun sector to work in. Good food brings people together. And it brings me a lot of joy introducing food and Singapore to others. (I happen to work near tourist attractions.) So, why do this kind of people have to ruin my joy for me? I love doing this. Why do they have to smear the good reputation of servers? 


Reputations aside. The pizzas that we ordered were not too bad. It’s a pity that I didn’t get to eat the special pizza. (There was simply not enough to go about. 16 to share 4 medium pizza. And only 8 chicken wings, 10 nuggets and 10 garlic bread sticks. It seems stingy.) The special pizza is the one with veggie on it. And that veggie is spinach. Not that I love spinach. I just thought that the pizza looked cool with spinach on it. 


I realised I took half an hour to draft this post. I’m getting slower as days pass. Maybe because I am getting more tired. But I already slept at 8.30 last night? How early do I have to sleep in order to be less tired? Maybe I should go home earlier and sleep at 8. Maybe that would work. 


I wonder what is wrong with those companies who send the wrong address to the company. Don’t they have a proper directory with proper address. The company name is correct but the address is wrong. Or maybe they got the company wrong but the address correct. This would be a company address-ception. OOOHHHH. 


Going back to work. I need to clear the stuff on my desk.

I wanna go shooting. Anyone care to join me?







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