Working in the evening

It’s near five, the holy hour before the jailhouse timing ends for the day. I feel so sleepy and distracted. Work has never been so horrid and dry before. I really want to sleep. O, God of Sleep, Hypnos, please bless me with the abilities to sleep anywhere without being noticed (a.k.a sleeping with eyes awake.). This way, I can sleep at work and escape all my job. Well, almost all my job. It is not like I can take free pay anyway. There is no free lunch in the world. In the economic term anyway. Pay is also limited. There are no limited money in the world. 

 I love going to the mrt and take a look at the delectable array of sushi at Umi Sushi at Boon Lay mrt after work. They look so awesome, especially the ones like the Salmon Belly and the California rolls. I ❤ them all. But buying them too often will cause a whole in my pocket. And it is nowhere near the end of the month. Thus, I have to be really thrifty for now. And Mummy dearest’s birthday is   coming soon. (Along with her twin~) So I have to save up and buy something cool for her. But before that, it’s my cousin’s 19th birthday. How can two people of the same age but different gender that has a pair of twin for mom be more different than us? I think it’s because our mum are non-identical twins. He is in poly, having the ‘cool’ life: a girlfriend, a part-time, good grades (hopefully, the last time I’ve heard, he was doing pretty well in poly.) and driving license. Me? I graduated from JC with not very good results and hopefully and fervently praying to enroll into local university’s Biomedical Science course. I have not had a proper relationship before, I have tons of part-time jobs, not really good grades and no driving license. I still look hideous. He doesn’t. At least he has had seen good times during his teenage years. I was fat, big sized and ugly. I still do. I was barely 18 when I suddenly became 19. (Perks of being a year end baby). I tried running. The second day, I was down with virus fever. What a douchebag I am. 


Oh wells. I can’t help it. 


Life is life. 


And it’s still not 5 yet. 




Save me. 


Shoot your questions~

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