Live from work

I am like reporting live from work. I work in a local ladies’ boutique. As an accounts admin assistant. I don’t exactly love my job per se, but it feeds my stomach and my wish list, so I have to live with it. It is part time anyway, till I get into university. But it is not my only job. I used to have 3 part time jobs but 1 ‘close shop’, using the words of my very wise J1 economics tutor when he wanted to end the day of lesson. So, I ended up with two, another being a part time shooting (air weapon) instructor. I enjoy that part time more. (Not only because I earn more there. It is just more happening and more interesting. And more hot guys.)


It is still early in the morning and it is still darn boring. The air conditioner is blowing and I totally feel like sleeping, if not for typing this post. My job is merely settling the vouchers and doing rewards during mid-month. To put it simply, I am the “打杂妹” of the office since I am the only part time. But I don’t look like one because I am seldom the first one to leave the office. (I really wish that sometimes I can be less responsible in my work. So that I can go home a little earlier.) It is irresponsible saying that but work is just too boring for liking. 

I can only say that my colleagues spice up work life since they can be a bunch of really crazy people. They were sharing ghost stories during work once and they were screaming and shouting away. Thank God for the bosses being away during that time. 

About the bosses, they aren’t exactly the most endearing kind of people but I wish that they at least had respect for the poor part-timers (a.k.a me). Because it is really annoying to be ignored when you are being greeted. (It is a company tradition to greet the boss and calls anyone superior 姐(sister) or 哥(brother). I was on the verge of puking on my first day of work because I had to call someone who is old enough to be my dad 哥. I wondered why they could not act their age and let me call them uncle. 

The best part about working is that I don’t need to wear shoes in my fully-carpeted office. So I have one lesser item to spend unnecessary money on. I am serious, working attires can be so expensive when you are paid less than a thousand a month and you pay for almost all your own living expenses. Yes, I am being paid at a ridiculously low rate of 6 per hour for office work. It also include manual labour such as washing the cups and dishes (Yes, I assume that the bosses lost their motor skills.) and throwing the rubbish. They need to be more generous with their money, I think, and go and hire a cleaner. Do not bully the part timer with all the things that you all don’t want to do and underpay her. 


I have stacks of stuff lying on my table after being sick for a month. This is going to be bad. I never dislike work this much before. 

This sucks. 


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