Fruity time

It’s lunch time now and I’ve just went out to buy my lunch at the canteen next door. It’s quite nice. I love the malay rice and the 煮炒 stall. The chinese mixed rice is not so good (It’s cheap, but not that much of a choice for food selection.) so I only eat it when I really need, e.g sick or broke. I bought grapefruit for fruits today since I’ve never eaten grapefruit before. It tastes like orange (the texture), but it’s not sweet. AT ALL. Did the fruit stall uncle just scam me? He says that all his fruits are super sweet. Yup, I think I just got scammed by the uncle today. 😛 ><

During lunch today, everyone was talking about Candy Crush since someone was playing it on her phone. The discussion went haywired when another colleague just decides to go,”huh”. It happens. ALL. THE. TIME. This special colleague always just can’t seems to get the joke and always lag behind by a few seconds. I sympathise him as he is the one of the rare male species in office. (It’s an almost all female environment. Don’t sympathise him, guys. You won’t envy him if you were in his shoes. Most of the co-workers are attached. It’s a ‘see, no touch’ situation at work everyday.) 

Enjoying my watermelon juice as I continue to strive on before I get away from this humongous jail at 6p.m. Hope I do get off on time today. It was 7pm yesterday. 


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