I was reading a very very (x infinity. okay, it was in 2008.) old blog post by an old acquaintance. (She was my secondary school classmate.) It was actually a MSN conversation between her (let her be J) and another classmate of mine (let her be C). During that period, we were working on a […]

Thank You!

Given the fact that I have just received a notification on my phone that I just received 10 likes on this WordPress blog, I would like to say a big “THANK YOU!” to everyone who has read my blog, whether you left a comment or not, liked my post or not. I feel pretty happy […]

A random post

It is a random question and answer post I saw on a random blog. ^^ HAHA(Remember to put your music playlist on “SHUFFLE” mode!) 1. How are you feeling today?“I’ll Get Lost, You Go Your Way” – G.NA 2. Will you get far in life?“Run Devil Run” – SNSD 3. How do your friends see […]

Embarking on a reading journey

I admit that I am born curious. Yes, I would love to know all the secrets in the world, read all the blog posts that everyone writes and spy on everyone in the world. (You know how Sherlock Holmes knows everything just by taking a look? You get my idea.) But I recently chanced upon […]


I looked at my blog posts in the past and I felt a little foolish. I guess that was why there is a saying that goes, “We are a little smarter than who we were yesterday.”  Or at least, I was.  I managed to finish an arduous task that my colleagues have deemed it to […]